Products and Services Needed

Fabrication and Raw Materials Electronics and Computers
Castings Computers and peripherals
Forgings Data acquisitions systems
Machined parts Electrical cable and wire
Weldments Electrical components
Raw materials
Plastic Parts
 Electrical contract manufacturing services
Outside fabrications processing such as plating, painting, heat
treatment and more
Motors and drives
Printed circuit boards
  Test equipment
Hydraulics and Mechanical Indirect
Accumulators Capital Equipment
Bearings Catering/Cafeteria
Bellows HR Staffing
Coolers Consulting
Environmental chambers Facilities/Furniture
Fasteners and related hardware Office Supplies
Heat exchangers Print/Marketing
Hose assemblies Tools & Chemicals
Hydraulic actuators Shop Supplies
Hydraulic pumps, motor, cylinders and components Travel & Fleet
Load frames Freight
Manifold assemblies IT Hardware/Software
Mechanical components IT Services/Support
Seals and gaskets Printer/Fax/Copies
Transducers Telecommunications

If you provide one or more of these products or services and are interested in becoming a supplier of MTS, please email