Internships & Co-op Program

College Recruitment PicVarious positions are available for students in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering/Computer Science/Computer Engineering. These positions support MTS markets such as:  ground vehicles, aerospace, biomedical, materials or geo/civil. Opportunities are generally available through the year, with many positions commencing in the summer.

In general, we will consider candidates with Junior-standing in an engineering discipline who possess the following:

Excellent team and leadership skills
Relevant coursework
Grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale (preferred)

“I had an amazing experience as an MTS Intern. Every company will tell you that you’ll become part of a team and won’t be given busy work, but MTS really sticks to that. The first day I was put into a team and was given tasks to complete. As the summer went on, I worked side-by-side with other developers on similar tasks that they were doing.”

     - Julie,  Iowa State University

“Everyone was willing to take time out of their day to explain something to me and I was always learning something new. The opportunity to work on a variety of different projects was unlike any other companies I had worked for and the specialization of each product meant I was never doing the same thing for long.”

     - Eric, University of Wisconsin-Madison