Featured Locations in Europe

Paris, France
MTS Systems FranceMTS Systems France is located in Ile de France, 10 km south east of Paris. We are an international team composed of 50 employees.

Cultural and intellectual metropolis, first tourist destination, the Ile de France which has 12 million of habitants, is the economic heart of the country, realizing alone 28% of the national gross domestic product. The capital region has a dense industrial strength, with many corporate offices and a large network of companies.

With 40% of the workforce of French researchers, the Île-de-France also has a creative capacity and unique innovation in Europe and stands out as one of the first scientific and technological areas in the world. She is also on the world podium in terms of international investment, behind Shanghai and London.

For more information on Paris and the Ile de France, please consult the following website: http://www.iledefrance.fr/.

Berlin, Germany
Berlin BuildingMTS Systems GmbH is situated in the green, southwest area of Berlin--the capital of Germany. We are an international team in Berlin consisting of 100 employees. Our colleagues hail from many countries in Europe and all of us are friendly, open-minded, and work well together.

Berlin is an interesting city with a historic, yet modern, international atmosphere. There are 3.5 million citizens in Berlin from all over the world. We offer an exciting city to live in and a friendly dynamic team to become a part of-the work in Berlin is fascinating with many opportunities for further development.

For more information about Berlin, please refer to http://www.berlin-info.de.

Lüdenscheid, Germany
MTS LuedenscheidLüdenscheid is a modern economic centre of the Märkischer Kreis area of Germany. It offers its 80,000 inhabitants an excellent infrastructure for living and working. The good education system, a wide spectrum of cultural events and the old town centre will make you feel at home in no time. Lüdenscheid is located conveniently on the A45 motorway so that the large cities of the Rhein and Ruhrgebiet areas can be reached easily with their excellent shopping malls and entertainment. The Dortmund Airport is only a stone’s throw away.

The countryside around Lüdenscheid is ideal for recreation – several reservoirs, the Ebbegebirge National Park and the typical pine forests in the Sauerland hills round about are popular for day trips.

For further information please visit: http://www.mtssensors.com/contact-mts/factory-locations/index.html

Stuttgart, Germany
Careers - Locations - StuttgartThe MTS office in Stuttgart is located close to our automotive customers in the south of Germany. From Stuttgart we serve our European ground vehicle customers. We provide fast response times for technical assistance and develop solutions for complex issues.

The Stuttgart office is situated in the famous „Stuttgart Engineering Park (STEP)“ between main station and Stuttgart airport, very close to the University of Stuttgart-Vaihingen. We offer an excellent accessibility to public transport – within 15 minutes you can reach both, airport and main station. The STEP provides you with a superb canteen and outstanding service-infrastructure.

Our Stuttgart location offers a welcoming, vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. Our positive spirit lets us grow and develop our talents step by step. Especially in the automotive industry, we wish to expand. We are looking for talents - engineers and technicians that are interested in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering.

Torino, Italy
MTS Systems NordenMTS SYSTEMS Italy is located in Torino, in the North-West side of the peninsula, in the heart of the Piemonte region.

Throughout the 19th century, Torino was the political and institutional engine of the rising Kingdom of Italy.

Along river Po our first Capital was culturally fascinating people not only for its royal palaces…the glorious and the glamorous life of Torino is showed also in our second biggest Egyptian museum in the world. Torino has an ancient, noble heart, with its 18 kilometers of arcade, literary cafés, original buildings of the Baroque like Carignano Palace: the first seat of the Italian Parliament .

And today….Piemonte boasts a network dedicated to cutting-edge R&D made up of 4 universities, more than 220 public and private research centres, 380 laboratories, 6 technology and science parks, 12 centres for innovation and incubators. Moreover, it is the top Italian region for private investment in R&D (20% of total private investments nationwide), for expenditure on innovation in the manufacturing sector and for high-tech patents.

For more information about Torino and Piemonte, please consult the following website:

Gothenburg, Sweden
MTS Systems NordenFor 30 years the MTS Norden office is located in Gothenburg. We are focused on sales and services in our region, serving the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The Norden office is situated in Sisjön, one of the largest industrial areas in northern Europe. We are only 20 minutes away from Landvetter airport and easily accessible to the city center and our customers.

Gothenburg is the second biggest city of Sweden and it is located on the west coast of Sweden. It is a well-established and popular student city with its two big universities. The city is also famous for its beautiful archipelago which stretches along the coast like a string of pearls with over 20 islands. Gothenburg has a rich cultural heritage and is a popular summer destination for tourists with its variety of offerings.

The MTS Norden office offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere which is reflected in our commitment to the business and to our customers, as well as in our positive attitude. At the same time we have the privilege and exciting mix of being a high-tech company that develops state-of-the-art technologies.

Guildford, United Kingdom
Guildford is situated in the center of the county of Surrey, within easy reach of both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. Surrey is England´s most wooded county and is home to some of England´s finest landscapes. Guildford is just 30 minutes from central London by train and the South Coast seaside is a 50 minute drive.

The Cathedral town of Guildford is a vibrant and prosperous University town with two railway stations and is the administrative headquarters for the region. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside and is the perfect spot to explore the whole of the South East of England.