MTS Flat-Trac Roadway
The new Flat-Trac Dynamometer Roadway enables highly realistic, repeatable and accurate powertrain rolling loss measurement in a controlled laboratory setting.

Introducing the New Flat-Trac® Dynamometer Roadway

The new Flat-Trac Dynamometer Roadway is a four-corner road simulator designed for evaluating automobile powertrains for fuel efficiency/emissions and rolling losses on flat surfaces.

The Flat-Trac Dynamometer enables highly realistic, repeatable and accurate powertrain rolling loss measurement in a controlled laboratory setting, reducing the time needed at the test track for a wide array of late-stage procedures and testing. These include vehicle tuning, powertrain characterization and validation for vehicle losses, drivability, ride comfort characteristics due to transitions, and CO2 emissions testing.

The system can also be deployed for early-stage development for performing highly accurate, lab-based benchmarking of competitive platforms that utilize active vehicle systems.

The system’s four Flat-Trac wheel drive units (moving belts) ensure that tire forces are distributed accurately into the chassis with the correct tire stiffness from spinning wheels. Each wheel drive unit is powered by a state-of-the-art electric motor that can be integrated internally or externally if test requirements demand higher performance. The test vehicle can be driven in a straight road simulation by a human driver, or an optional auto pilot. Additionally, optional load sensors can be deployed under each wheel drive unit, enabling vehicle developers to identify, study and improve on losses originating from individual sections of the test vehicle.

With the ability to replicate road loads quickly and accurately, the Flat-Trac Dynamometer is ideal for measuring coast down, power distribution, powertrain tuning and comfort - regardless of weather conditions. The system also enables advanced development of Electric/Hybrid-Electric (EV/HEV) power trains and homologation of vehicles per WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Duty Vehicles Test Procedure), RDE (Real Driving Emissions) and other standards.

The new roadway system builds on the existing family of MTS Flat-Trac roadways, which includes the Ride Comfort, Dynamic and Handling roadways. This family, in turn, belongs to an even larger portfolio of MTS Flat-Trac solutions, which employs patented flat-belt technology to address applications ranging from tire force and moment testing to aerodynamic simulation. All of these solutions are backed by MTS’ global service and support organization, which provides local, responsive service, advanced test consulting and complex systems integration expertise.


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