V47 - ALL - Product Feature 1
This adjustable actuator base assembly paired with a lever and low-mount assembly can be configured in many ways.

V47 - ALL - Product Feature 2
This motor mount test system is an example of a three-axis (X, Y, Z) test configuration.

Build Your Own Customizable Test System

What if you could have the perfect test system for your current test program, and then be able to modify that system to meet the needs of your next test program? MTS TestLine™ Solutions are a set of versatile and reliable products, test components and software tools that enable you to create custom-built, reconfigurable test systems. If you have the in-house experience and design capability, MTS can equip you with the proven, high-quality TestLine components to build your test solution right the first time. This new system, customized to your testing needs, will deliver accurate test results at a fraction of the cost of a pre-built solution.

The products, components and software used in a TestLine Solution are the same as those integrated into the most advanced MTS custom test systems. They are precision-engineered to the highest quality and designed for seamless integration to help ensure reliable, accurate test data. TestLine Solutions are widely used in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, off-road and rail testing, to name a few. They’ve also been used to test materials such as wire rope, bones, bearings and more.

TestLine Solution configurations are as unlimited as your imagination. You’re likely to create precisely the component testing system you need with your own custom TestLine Solution.

Advantages of TestLine Solutions:

•  Unsurpassed Quality
   - Get the performance and accuracy you need with high-quality products 
      and components

•  Highly Reconfigurable
   - Meet current and future testing needs with a single, reconfigurable system

•  Affordable Customization
   - Reduce costs with a DIY approach that is less expensive than a custom-
     built solution

•  MTS Expertise
   - Test system engineering, integration and training support available

Contact MTS today to discuss your testing requirements and see how TestLine Solutions can meet your needs.

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