V48 - ALL - Product 2
MTS Echo Intelligent Lab Deployment Options

V48 - ALL - Product 1
MTS Echo Hub Provides Local Network Solution for Lab Monitoring

V48 - ALL - Product 4
Remote monitoring through mobile devices

Improve Lab Uptime with Remote Monitoring

Smart devices and systems are improving everything from vehicles to home security, and changing the way we interact with the world. In the test lab, connectivity solutions provide the means to improve uptime, throughput and efficiency while reducing overall operating costs. With MTS Echo® Intelligent Lab, you can use today’s technology to remotely monitor test status and equipment health, allowing you to make faster and better decisions about lab operations.

Now you have a choice of how to implement MTS Echo Intelligent Lab: either through the existing highly secure and scalable Cloud-based Solution or the new convenient Local Network Solution. Some things to consider when making your choice:
  • Do you want to use a hardware or software solution?
  • Do you need to access information outside of your network?
  • Do you prefer a subscription service or a one-time purchase?
Either solution provides remote monitoring of test and equipment status. They both allow you to monitor multiple pieces of equipment through one app and create your own alerts. Both also provide options for equipment health monitoring, so you can see trends and catch potential issues before they become larger problems.

Advantages of Cloud-based Solution
  • No additional hardware needed beyond any new health sensors
  • Information available from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Native smartphone app for Android and iOS
  • Ability to create and manage individual user accounts and access levels
Advantages of Local Network Solution
  • Uses easy-to-install MTS Echo Hub
  • Data kept within your network
  • Controller PC need not be connected to your corporate network
  • Faster health monitoring due to elimination of internet latency

With remote access to real-time information about your lab, you will be able to respond to issues immediately and avoid costly delays caused by test interruptions. You can also share up-to-date information about tests with your colleagues. Either way you choose to implement, you can greatly improve lab productivity and efficiency with MTS Echo Intelligent Lab.



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