DMA / Dynamic Characterization

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) is a dynamic characterization technique that measures stress as a function of strain, or force as a function of displacement. It also involves the application of one or more forces at various frequencies, as a means of determining how material changes in a dynamic environment.

MTS offers comprehensive DMA solutions for accurately determining the dynamic mechanical properties of polymers, plastics, rubber, thermoplastic and thermosetting resins, composites, and related viscoelastic materials. With one of the widest ranges of force capacity (0.0002 kN – 250 kN) and frequency capability (0.01 Hz – 1000 Hz), MTS solutions accommodate diverse applications and appeal across industries. And with options available in servohydraulic and electrodynamic technologies, MTS can deliver the most appropriate solution for specific applications.

The MTS DMA testing solutions include a suite of software for dynamic characterization of viscoelastic materials, and in addition to its industry-leading DMA package, this software can also perform Fatigue & Fracture, Durability, Tension/Compression, Flex/Bend, Static Deflection, and even FDA Regulatory Tests for Biomaterials.
Acumen Electrodynamic Load Frame

MTS Acumen® Electrodynamic Load Frames

Leverages energy efficient electric actuation to perform both dynamic and static tests on a wide array of materials, devices and components. Visit the MTS Acumen website.