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Dynamic Characterization

Dynamic characterization involves the application of one or more forces at various frequencies, as a means of determining how the properties of an elastomer or rubber material or component changes in a dynamic environment. Dynamic properties measured can include K*, phase, E*, tan delta, energy, and damping coefficient. Many of these tests incorporate environmental chambers to evaluate how changes in temperature or humidity influence test specimen performance. Test results are typically input into computer models for validation purposes.

MTS offers unmatched solutions for conducting precise, meaningful dynamic characterizations in less time and for less money. With more than four decades of global automotive testing industry expertise working to resolve your testing challenges, you will be equipped with the tools and expertise you need to conduct the most thorough and accurate testing possible under real-world conditions. The MTS dynamic characterization offering comprises:

•  Versatile and user-friendly software with powerful test design capabilities
•  Specialized test systems for elastomer characterization
•  Reliable tabletop and floorstanding electromechanical and servohydraulic load
   frames supporting a full range of force requirements and frequencies from
   100 Hz to 1000 Hz
•  Easily integrated side-loading mechanism
•  Close-coupled accumulators that optimize transient response performance by
   minimizing the physical length of the oil column between the hydraulic fluid
   accumulators and servovalves
•  Environmental chambers for adjusting test temperature/humidity
•  Digital controllers with high channel density, high capacity and superior
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MTS Landmark® Test Systems

MTS Landmark Test Systems integrate the latest in servohydraulic technology, FlexTest® controls, application software and accessories to enable fatigue life studies, fracture growth studies, and tension, bending and compression tests for a wide range of components and materials.

Acumen Electrodynamic Load Frame

MTS Acumen® Electrodynamic Load Frames

Leverages energy efficient electric actuation to perform both dynamic and static tests on a wide array of materials, devices and components. Visit the MTS Acumen website.