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Vehicle Dynamics and Performance

Vehicle dynamics evaluations involve subjecting dampers, steer systems, tire systems and full vehicles to a set of inputs and measuring the outputs, as a means of characterizing how the specimen performs in a dynamic environment and how a component or subsystem influences overall vehicle ride, handling and performance. Some of these tests incorporate environmental chambers to evaluate how temperature or humidity changes influence the test specimen. Test results are typically input into computer models for validation purposes.

With more than four decades of global automotive testing industry expertise, MTS offers the industry-leading technology and expertise you need to conduct highly accurate and efficient ride, handling and performance evaluations. We can help you make precise and confident measurements faster and earlier in the development cycle, equipping you to gain competitive advantage by bringing higher-performing designs to market faster and for less money. MTS vehicle dynamics solutions include:

Industry-standard, spindle-coupled road simulators and flat-belt roadway systems
Specialized steer, chassis and tire test systems
Elastomer and damper test systems renowned for their fast and precise
Dynamic Kinematic and Compliance Test System for high-frequency simulation 
   of rough road inputs and transient maneuvers
Versatile and user-friendly software with powerful test design capabilities
Environmental chambers for adjusting test temperature and humidity
Digital controllers with high channel density, high capacity and superior configurability
Road Simulator; Durability; Full vehicle; Suspension; Components; Spindle Coupled; RPC Pro; 4 DOF; 6DOF

Model 329 Spindle-Coupled Road Simulators

Applies forces and motion in six degrees of freedom to vehicle spindles, creating extremely accurate and repeatable simulations of real-world service environments for vehicle suspensions and body parts.

Tire; Flat-Trac; Force & Moment Testing; Dynamic; Steady-State

Flat-Trac® Tire Testing Systems

Advanced systems for applying forces and motions to a tire running on a continuous flat belt, providing useful insight into how tires influence vehicle dynamic behavior.