Compression Testing

Compression is a fundamental type of test used to characterize metals, composites, rock, concrete, wood, foam, plastic and many other common materials. Static compression tests apply an escalating compressive load until failure, or apply a specific load and hold it for a certain period. Dynamic compression tests involve cycling between two (or more) load conditions. Depending on the nature of the specimen, compression tests can help determine the material’s ultimate yield strength, service life or other critical performance characteristics.

With more than 40 years of experience across the full spectrum of material testing, MTS offers unparalleled expertise in all varieties of compression testing. We deliver the technology test professionals need to perform highly accurate and repeatable compression tests, ensuring materials meet ASTM and related certification standards. Solutions for compression testing include load frames, software, controllers and fixturing. Our offerings include:

Highly stiff, floor-standing servohydraulic load frames for a range of force 
Tabletop and floor-standing electromechanical load frames for varying force 
Intuitive, versatile and user-friendly software with powerful test design capabilities
Digital controllers with high channel density, high capacity and superior configurability
Broad selection of fixturing (platens) to accommodate a large number of specimen 
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Universal Test Systems

The MTS Criterion® and MTS Exceed® families combine high-performance electromechanical and static-hydraulic load frame technology, easy-to-use MTS TestSuite™ TW software, and a full complement of test accessories to address a full spectrum of monotonic testing demands.

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MTS TestSuite™ TW Software

Versatile testing software that can be used across your lab on your electromechanical, static-hydraulic and servohydraulic test systems.

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MTS Landmark® Test Systems

MTS Landmark Test Systems integrate the latest in servohydraulic technology, FlexTest® controls, application software and accessories to enable fatigue life studies, fracture growth studies, and tension, bending and compression tests for a wide range of components and materials.