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High-Cycle Fatigue (HCF) Testing

Fatigue is the process of progressive, localized and permanent structural change in a material subjected to cyclic loading. Cyclic loading may lead to crack formation, propagation and eventually fracture. Laboratory fatigue tests are most commonly conducted on smooth bar specimens or specimens with a pre-existing crack that grows as the test progresses.

High-cycle fatigue (HCF) tests are typically conducted on smooth bar specimens in force control. These tests determine the number of cycles to fracture for each specimen, and the data can be compiled into stress-life (S-N) curves. Nominal stress levels in HCF tests are generally low — significantly below the material’s yield strength. As a result, specimen lives may last tens or hundreds of millions of cycles, creating a need to conduct HCF tests at high frequencies in order to minimize testing time.

In 1000 Hz high-cycle fatigue (HCF) testing, a relatively low force (max 25 kN) is applied with sub-millimeter displacement. This machine is typically used in aerospace to study rivets, bolts and other fasteners. With a conventional (50 Hz) system, running a billion-cycle test takes up to seven months. By increasing system capability to 1000 Hz, the same test can be completed in as few as 11 days.

MTS offers advanced solutions that are optimized to support reliable, accurate and precisely controlled HCF testing up to 1000 Hz. We provide both the technology and the expertise required to help test professionals realistically simulate high-vibration service environments and complete tests efficiently. Critical features and capabilities include:

High-performance MTS actuators
High-response, high-flow two-stage voice-coil servovalves
Advanced algorithms for maintaining constant load amplitude and phase correction
Acceleration-compensated load control for superior control and accuracy at extreme
High-axial-stiffness load frames help to optimize operating efficiency
Superior system alignment that minimizes bending strain to enhance accuracy
Comprehensive, user-friendly software for test design and execution
Unique grips and fixtures specifically designed for 1000 Hz HCF applications
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MTS Landmark® Test Systems

MTS Landmark Test Systems integrate the latest in servohydraulic technology, FlexTest® controls, application software and accessories to enable fatigue life studies, fracture growth studies, and tension, bending and compression tests for a wide range of components and materials.

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MTS TestSuite™ Multipurpose Software

A modular and extremely powerful software platform for creating tests, running tests, generating reports and analyzing post-test data.