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Aerospace Industry Portfolio

MTS Aerospace TestingOur Aerospace group has more than twenty years testing experience in the industry. Working closely with the leading aerospace manufacturers, our engineering staff brings a deep understanding of how to configure the best solution for your test and conduct tests that deliver precise results quickly and with confidence. Specific areas of expertise within the group include:

•    Aerospace testing with respect to
     control and data acquisition
•    Instrumentation, transducer
     calibration and cabling for
     structural tests
•    Controller configuration - managing test inputs into the controller
•    Data acquisition configuration - managing signals not used in the control loop
•    Test article safety - managing the safeties built into the test systems
•    Test startup
•    Test execution
•    Aircraft calibration
•    Test performance optimization
•    Test data management
•    Unusual requirements: floating test article / highly cross coupled test articles
•    Test article air pressurization

In addition, our Aerospace team supports our customers with:

Hydraulic systems
•    Hydraulic layout
•    Hydraulic requirements (accumulation and cleanliness)
•    Hydraulic component placement

Test fixturing
•    Self-reacting fixture, fixed fixture
•    Pros and cons of fixture types (open sections, closed sections)
•    Sometimes the fixture is what causes test problems

Application of force to the test article
•    Connection of the actuator to the test article
•    Connection of the actuator to the reaction fixture
•    Connection quality of mechanical joints

Bird strike testing
•    Building and commissioning of a bird gun
•    Using the facilities to perform the bird strike tests
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AeroPro™ Software

Provides tightly integrated control and data acquisition and the most advanced toolset available for fast, streamlined aerospace structural testing.

MTS Systems Aerospace Testing

Extensive Aerospace Applications Expertise

Our solutions address the full scope of aerospace testing requirements, from full-scale structural and subassembly evaluation to materials characterization

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