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Energy Industry Portfolio

Energy - Consulting Portfolio - Side Bar PhotoMTS Consulting has years of experience in testing wind turbine blades and drivetrains. This knowledge, combined with our vast experience from other industries, gives us unique insight in how to develop test scenarios. Wind turbine manufacturers and suppliers are using simplified loads, and our experts provide support in finding more efficient and realistic testing scenarios. Our expertise covers;

•   Professional assistance in the
    definition of test scenarios and 
    test rigs
•   Load data analysis including multi-channel load data
•   Start up support on complex test rigs like Non-Torque Loading (NTL) Systems
•   Support in operation of the test rigs
•   Analysis of the results

Other wind turbine test scenarios include blade fatigue testing, blade static testing, pitch bearing and/or pitch drive system testing and yaw bearing and/or yaw drive system testing.

MTS is a market leader in advanced wind power test systems, and our consultants have been involved in every system to install and validate functionality.
MTS Systems Energy Testing

Application Expertise in Energy Testing

MTS leads the way in conducting static and fatigue tests on wind turbine materials, components and structures, including massive blades.

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We offer expert, customizable onsite and offsite training to help you make the most of your MTS technology investments.