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Materials Testing Portfolio

Materials - Consulting Portfolio - Side Bar PhotoMTS materials testing consulting group has broad and rich experiences in a variety of materials characterization areas in supporting materials development and applications. Our consulting in materials covers a wide range of industries including aerospace, power generation, automotive, and bio-mechanical applications, as well as textiles and other consumer goods. Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

Materials testing knowledge
•    Fatigue and fracture fundamentals
     from static to fatigue
•    Mechanical properties of metals,
     plastics, composites, biomaterials
     and more
•    Industrial standards and specifications for material and component testing for
     multiple industries

Materials testing execution
•    Test laboratory management, maintenance, and quality control including statistical
•    Servohydraulic, electromechanical , and electrodynamic test technology
•    Test specimen design and preparation
•    Test automation and process development
•    Advanced test operation of, and advanced instruction for, MTS test systems
•    Test system integration, including third party hardware
•    Custom test development, and test template design and delivery, using MTS 
     software platforms
•    Non-contacting strain measurement

Materials testing analysis and advanced support
•    Advanced crack growth measurement technology
•    Statistical data analysis and application
•    High temperature as well as environmental test and test development
•    Advanced technical support

Materials testing into computer-aided engineering (CAE)
•    Test data to CAE material models
•    Correlation test and simulation
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MTS TestSuite™ Multipurpose Software

A modular and extremely powerful software platform for creating tests, running tests, generating reports and analyzing post-test data. 

MTS Systems Materials Testing

Materials Testing Expertise

The MTS portfolio of test solutions delivers the reliable, innovative technologies required to satisfy every material evaluation need.

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We offer expert, customizable onsite and offsite training to help you make the most of your MTS technology investments.