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1 800 328 2255 - toll free in U.S.
+1 952 937 4000 - outside U.S.

+800 81002 222 - Int'l toll free in Europe

Having trouble dialing? In most European countries, the international toll free access code is 00. However, some phone systems require an additional number, such as 0 (resulting in 000) to gain access to the toll free number. Please try dialing 00 800 81002 222 or 000 800 81002 222.

Services & Support, Onsite Exchange


Onsite Exchange Programs

Proactive care for high-use components

With an MTS Onsite Exchange, you can enjoy the benefits of updated technology and extend the operating life of your test equipment. This type of exchange is available for the MTS SilentFlo 505 pump/motor modules and the MTS Series 329 system actuators.

This type of exchange is handled by an MTS Field Service Engineer at your testing site, and can be scheduled at the same time as other service activities. Your worn component will be replaced by a remanufactured, fully-warranted component as an affordable alternative to buying new.

For the best equipment performance, you can replace each of your pump/motor modules or system actuators on a regular rotating schedule to help prevent excessive wear of any one of the components. You’ll optimize your test equipment investment and minimize your downtime with this convenient service.
HPU, pump, fluid power, SilentFlo, Silentflow; 505

Hydraulic Power Units

Operating at or below sound levels commonly found in labs and factories, SilentFlo™ Hydraulic Power Units deliver exceptionally clean and quiet hydraulic power.

Road Simulator; Durability; Full vehicle; Suspension; Components; Spindle Coupled; RPC Pro; 4 DOF; 6DOF

Model 329 Spindle-Coupled Road Simulators

Applies forces and motion in six degrees of freedom to vehicle spindles, creating extremely accurate and repeatable simulations of real-world service environments for vehicle suspensions and body parts.