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+800 81002 222 - Int'l toll free in Europe

Having trouble dialing? In most European countries, the international toll free access code is 00. However, some phone systems require an additional number, such as 0 (resulting in 000) to gain access to the toll free number. Please try dialing 00 800 81002 222 or 000 800 81002 222.

MTS Systems Services & Support


MTS Echo® Hub

Local monitoring solution for MTS Echo Intelligent Lab

The MTS Echo Hub allows you to remotely monitor test status and/or system health through interfaces with the system controller and sensors. This local solution helps maintain high uptime and gives you the security of knowing that all the monitoring information resides within your network. The MTS Echo Hub provides a quick and easy way to add remote monitoring capability to any lab.

To maximize uptime and provide greater insights into lab operations, the MTS Echo Hub allows you to monitor everything that is connected to the hub from anywhere within your network. With the desktop app, you can design your own custom views to monitor the signals you want to see. You can configure the app to connect to multiple hubs and monitor signals from all of them on one screen.

You can also define alerts for any signal or sensor connected to the hub. You have full control over which signals will trigger alerts. You can choose to receive an alert when thresholds are exceeded, specific values are met or when a condition changes. With this information, you’ll be able to respond to and communicate changes quickly.

Best of all, this hardware solution is easy to install. Setup takes just minutes so you can get started quickly to stay connected to your lab from anywhere.
FlexTest, controller, digital, servohydraulic testing, materials, components, structures

FlexTest Controllers

A versatile, modular digital control platform designed to address a full spectrum of servohydraulic testing applications in materials, components and structures.

Road Simulator; Durability; Full vehicle; Suspension; Components; Spindle Coupled; RPC Pro; 4 DOF; 6DOF

Model 329 Spindle-Coupled Road Simulators

Applies forces and motion in six degrees of freedom to vehicle spindles, creating extremely accurate and repeatable simulations of real-world service environments for vehicle suspensions and body parts.